Bone Replacement Grafts

Bone Replacement Graft at Linglestown Family Dental

Bone replacement grafts, also known as bone grafting, are common procedures in dentistry used to restore or regenerate lost or damaged bone in the jaw. These grafts are typically performed to create a stable foundation for dental implants, repair bone defects caused by tooth loss, or enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the jawbone.

During a bone grafting procedure, bone material is harvested from the patient’s own body (autograft), a donor source (allograft), or synthetic materials (alloplast) are used. The graft material is then placed in the area of the jawbone requiring regeneration and is secured in place. Over time, the graft material serves as a scaffold for new bone cells to grow, eventually integrating with the patient’s existing bone.

Bone replacement grafts can help improve the success rate of dental implant placement, restore proper bone height and width for a more natural-looking smile, and provide stability for dentures or other dental prosthetics. The procedure is typically performed by a dental specialist, such as an oral surgeon or periodontist, who has expertise in bone grafting techniques.

Successful bone grafting requires careful planning and evaluation of the patient’s oral health and bone structure. The healing process may take several months, during which regular follow-up visits are necessary to monitor progress and ensure optimal healing.

If you have experienced bone loss in the jaw or are considering dental implants, call Linglestown Family Dental to schedule a consultation appointment.  We will assess your specific needs and determine whether bone replacement grafts are a suitable option for you.

Bone Replacement Grafts at Linglestown Family Dental

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