As with any field, dentistry has undergone many changes over the years.  Perhaps one of the most beneficial to both patients and dentists alike is that of modern X-rays and digital scanning.  This means dentists no longer have to develop small images and then mount those images to a lightbox.  Previously, they made their assessments from images about the size of a wallet photo.  This made it challenging to determine exactly what was going on with a patient’s dental health.  Modern digital x-ray and scanner technologies have revolutionized the diagnostic process.

Digital X-Rays and ScannersToday’s technology has brought many advancements for dentists, especially in evaluating your dental health.  These advancements result in a better experience for their patients.

There is a difference between a digital X-ray and digital scanners, but they both play a critical part in ensuring you get the best care possible.  The digital scanner is a handheld device used to create a digital 3-D impression of your teeth and mouth.  It does away with the need for the gooey paste and trays once used to create dental impressions for appliances.  Digital X-rays, on the other hand, are used to ascertain the condition of your teeth, jaws, and other mouth structures to identify and diagnose any issues.

Benefits of Modern Digital X-ray and Digital Scanners

  • They provide better images of the mouth, not just teeth and jaw.  A digital X-ray also shows the roots, which helps address concerns before they become problems.
  • The results are quick.  Before digital X-rays and scanners, dentists had to develop the pictures and wait for the images to be revealed.  Today, images are instant, clearer and more detailed.
  • Modern digital X-rays are safer than old-school radiology which exposed the patient to higher levels of radiation.  Digital X-rays emit 80% less radiation than traditional imaging.
  • More cost-effective.  It takes less time, energy, and materials to get digital images.  This is especially good news if your insurance does not cover X-rays or if you must pay the price out-of-pocket.
  • The use of intraoral digital scanners means not only can your dentist see the back of your mouth, teeth, and gums better, but they can also see it on the screen of an iPad.  This helps them have a better reference source to determine what needs to be done.   The images are detailed enough to be used to create dental appliances.
  • Digital X-rays or digital scanners mean fewer dentist visits for repairs or replacements. Because the images are better and clearer many issues can be resolved on the same day as you visit.

At Linglestown Family Dental it is our goal to always provide you with the most comprehensive and professional dental care available.  The use of digital X-rays and diagnostic scanners are just a couple of ways we do it.  If you ever have any questions regarding these tools or others, please be sure to ask.  We are happy to answer your questions.