While many people recognize the value of fluoride treatments for children’s teeth, not everyone knows they benefit adults. Being an adult does not diminish the value of proper dental health.  And, while tap water in the U.S. usually contains fluoride, using toothpaste with fluoride and having your dentist do a fluoride treatment regularly is a great way to protect your smile.

Everyone benefits from regular fluoride treatments. But there are some instances where they are especially valuable.

  • History – If you are prone to frequent cavities, then fluoride treatments can lower the risks.
  • Gum Disease – The most common of dental issues, having fluoride treatments can keep these at bay.
  • Dry Mouth – Often caused by medication, dry mouth puts you at a higher risk of halitosis, cavities, and gum disease.

Reasons for Adults to Have Fluoride Treatments

  1. fluorideReplaces Minerals on Teeth – The sugars in foods and drinks, combined with the bacteria and sugar that are in the mouth, create an acid. This acid reacts to the calcium and phosphate in the tooth’s enamel and will result in cavities. Using fluoride can help prevent cavities by 24%.
  2. Prevent Extra Dental Treatments – Regular fluoride treatments prevent tooth decay, minimize gum disease, and lowers the need for root canals.
  3. Protect Enamel – Drinks high in acid such as apple juice, grape juice, lemonade, orange juice, and others can be especially damaging to your teeth enamel. This damage often leads to tooth sensitivity making it painful to eat/drink foods that are hot or cold. Frequent fluoride treatments help protect your teeth against acid, thus minimizing tooth sensitivity.
  4. Braces – No longer are braces only worn by the youth. Today, many adults are sporting braces. When wearing braces, it can be especially difficult to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Having fluoride treatments will keep teeth strong and reduce, if not completely prevent, cavities even with orthodontic work being done. (Also, just an aside, you may want to look into Invisalign® straighteners as an alternative to traditional metal braces).
  5. Little to No Negative Side Effects – Fluorosis, a tooth discoloration, occasionally occurs in children under the age of six. It is not a concern for adults. Fluorosis is a result of consuming too much fluoride, especially that found in well water. To minimize the risk of fluorosis when on well water, have your water tested.

Keep in mind you can boost the amount of fluoride your teeth are exposed to by drinking plenty of water. Fluoride is a natural element in both ocean and groundwater. More so, for many years the ADA and the CDC have recommended that municipal water supplies have small amounts of fluoride. Making water a key part of your daily intake will go a long way toward protecting your teeth.

Now is a good time to talk to Linglestown Family Dental if you don’t recall when you last had a fluoride treatment. After all, having a healthy smile is important.